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Susan Hunt and her team at Precision Physical Therapy were a light in one of the most difficult times of my life. They met me right where I was in my recovery from spinal fusion surgery with compassion, knowledge and optimism. Their dedication to my individual treatment needs and motivation to help me strive for maximum physical recovery was instrumental in my ability to walk and lead a full life again. From my experience with Precision I left with a feeling of forever family and many practical techniques for spinal and overall physical health that I still use to this day. I’m humbled to be one of the many people who have been blessed by Susan Hunt and the Precision Physical Therapy Family.
I’m 46 years old and have had back problems since high school, but it had never been as bad as it was before my mission trip to the Dominican Republic last summer. I couldn’t stand up straight and was hobbling like one of my legs was six inches shorter than the other! If my back didn’t get better, I wouldn’t be able to make the trip at all, much less be able to contribute to the work once we arrived. I had mentioned my back trouble to Susan Hunt, and she said she could make me “walk normally in one visit.” I was skeptical, of course, but needed a miracle... In less than an hour of very light manipulation, nothing like the “back breaking” I’ve endured from many chiropractic visits, I walked out of the Precision office excitedly wondering “What just happened?!” I was walking pain-free for the first time in weeks, feeling like I could run a mile around the parking lot! I went on my trip and was able to do everything I needed to do! I even met a former President of the DR in the airport! I enthusiastically recommend Precision Physical Therapy to anyone experiencing new or chronic back pain!
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I had seen Susan a few times to work on my neck, and knew her work was effective, but it wasn’t until I woke up one morning, hurting and stiff, did I realize how much her work eased my pain. I vividly remember waking up and telling my wife, “I need to see Susan ASAP!”...I was able to meet with her later that day, so she could work on my neck and it was instant relief!
The level of care that was given was superb. Every employee took an interest in my wellbeing. Would never go anywhere else.
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They addressed any pain I had and worked with me to exercise all problems. They never allowed me to leave with any pain
— Lynda M.
All personnel took you in and treated you like family.
— Wanda P
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I appreciate everyone so much at Precision for their patience, understanding while helping me be able to live without pain again. Everyone is great!
— Nancy
How do you put into words the impact someone has on your life, watching them grow, as you grow, for the past 3 1/2 years? Simply put, you cannot. All we can say is, Aiden, it has been a privilege and an honor working with you and loving you through the sweat and the tears to see your first steps, hear your first words and transform into the wonderful little man you have become.
To Ashley, thank you for letting your family become part of the Precision family. We truly cherish the time spent together!
Thank you. We love you!
Now go Live Life!
— Your Precision Family

I was in a dark place emotionally, when I first came to Precision Physical Therapy. Frankly I was a real disbeliever that they could do anything for my pain. I had endured heart surgery almost a year ago and went through heart rehab and still had issues from that. When a new injury kept me literally bed bound for over a month, I was very frustrated and didn’t think anything could touch my pain. I was taking a massive amount of ibuprofen each day to take care of my personal needs each day. I had built up my walking distance over the last year to almost two miles a day average and with this fresh injury and pain I was really mad and frustrated in general. I couldn’t even sit in a recliner for even the shortest amount of time.

When I called, they always answered the phone quickly and professionally. I had spoken to Rachel to try to coordinate the appointments and for the receipt of my x-rays over the previous two weeks. After finally setting the first appointment I was not hopeful, but I was determined to go through the motions at least.

I was hurting an absolute eight out of ten with an ice pack upon my back just to get here. After my first visit, Susan was able to drop that to a scale of one! I have almost not needed to take any ibuprofen after the first and as well as the second visit. I am now a believer of what they can do.

They do their (miracle works) jobs in a family type atmosphere and with the focus on you and how to help ease your pain. They told me that “This is a place of hope.” I believe that now and am benefiting from it as well.

Give them a try, I did, and I am glad I went.
— Terry E.
The best.
— Tammy F.
The day after my first visit I stepped off a curb, took two steps, turned around and realized I hadn’t had to hold onto anything to step off the curb. I had my stability back in one visit! 45 visits later knee pain has gone and my back which was my original problem is better, no pain pills. I will still go back for adjustments as needed. But truly thankful for all they have done. What they do seems truly magical.
— John H
Before coming to PPT I was skeptical that my injury could be fixed by physical therapy alone but I am now a true believer. Coming to physical therapy was so enjoyable because everyone here is like a family. They embrace you and actually care about your recovery! Thank you guys so much!
— Josie
The entire staff is professional, they made my daughter feel extremely comfortable and welcome each and every visit. Each therapist that worked with my daughter made it their number one priority to ensure she was strong enough to get back on the basketball court. I’m thankful for Precision Physical Therapy! Outstanding service!
— Vinetta P
I wish that I could give this place more than five stars... I am 100% pain free.
— Haleigh M

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